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What am I allowed to print?
Last Updated 3 years ago

  • Refrain from using the open-access printers for personal use. They are intended for University-related business only. Consider using the printers in the UCSB Davidson Library for personal printing, which, with your UCSBNetID and password, will bill your BARC account. If you are a member of a research group within the Geography Department, rely on the group's dedicated printer before considering using departmental printers. The departmental printers were intended for mostly instructional-support use.
  • When possible, please use duplexing mode for double-sided printing.
  • If you're printing a journal, consider using booklet mode (sometimes called "2-up", or 2 pages on each side of paper, 4 pages total on one physical sheet of paper when double-sided) with the duplexer - this can save 75% in paper usage.
  • Don't use printers for multiple monochrome copies of the same document - this wears down the printers, is wasteful and expensive. The copier machine in the main Geography Department office is best for this, as it costs far less overall per sheet printed. Print one sheet, then use the copier machine to duplicate.
  • Pick up your printed items and keep the printer areas picked up. (i.e., "five-minute" rule to pick up print jobs).

If the printer doesn't print the first time, don't send the same job multiple times to the printer in hopes that it might print. Instead, send an email to the Geography Department IT Team Support Ticketing System (STS) queue ( for assistance, or alert the staff that more paper or replacement toner is needed.

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