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[UCSBGEOG-CONNECT] UCSB Connect/Geography email account - email address, and outgoing address preference
Last Updated 6 years ago

You’ve received this email because you currently hold an email account (i.e., stored messages) on the IC departmental email service server. (A separate email will be sent regarding any email aliases (i.e. “bounces” or forwards) that you may have)

One of the many steps required during the migration of our departmental ( email accounts over to the new, centralized, UCSB Connect system, is the creation of an additional, optional-use email address. Incoming emails that are sent to either your existing Geography email address, or to your address both go to your Connect Inbox.

There are two tasks I need for you to complete and return to me by no later than Tuesday, November 5th. If you do not respond to this email, then you accept the default creation of the firstname.lastname as part of your address, as represented in the UCSB Identity Services:

For Faculty and Staff:

For Students:

1)      Your preferred email address. Note that this is NOT an opportunity to choose something other than your name as your address, as we can make (within reason) other alias addresses that point to your Connect Inbox at a later time. Instead, this is your opportunity to modify your preferred first or last name as it appears in the current UCSB Identity Services database, as it related to your email address. Examples would be something like the following: change to change to change to

If I have already contacted you about this point, it is likely because I know in particular your situation may be different than the guidelines above. However, please DO respond to this email regarding the next condition. 

2)      Specify whether or not you prefer for your OUTGOING email to be stamped as your existing address, or your new address. Note that you can change this behavior from one to the other at any time after the migration, but your answers now will assist me in making this preliminary assignment for you through the administrative interface, post-migration.

If you have any questions regarding clarification of the above topic, please let me know. You’ll have the chance to ask other questions regarding the Connect migration as more announcements follow.

If you no longer want or need your existing Geography email account – but would instead just like to have an alias of your Geog email address to point to your 3rd-party email provider (e.g., Gmail, another campus address, etc.) -- please let me know what your target email address you’d like UCSB Geography emails to go to.

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