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[UCSBGEOG-CONNECT] Your post-migration Connect account usernames and passwords
Last Updated 6 years ago

The migration of the Geography email accounts to Connect is scheduled for some time in the next two weeks, with a target date of next Monday, November 18th.

At that time, I will be applying your preferred (or defaulted, if you did not respond to my email request last week) outgoing email stamp addresses immediately.

The following, however, pertains not just to Geography email accounts being migrated to Connect, but all campus departments participating in the email account migration (incidentally, a list of those are here under the headings “I-Mail Customers” and “IC Mail Customers”), and is very important to note: 

Your departmental Connect email account credentials, post-migration, will be your UCSBNetID and password, and NOT your current IC-hosted-email-account credentials (if they were not identical to begin with). 

If you do not know your UCSBNetID and/or password, please visit the following UCSB Identity Services webpage:

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