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[UCSBGEOG-CONNECT] Geog "functional" (i.e., non-people) accounts migration to Connect
Last Updated 6 years ago

(for the following user email accounts/groups ONLY -- Geography Staff <>; Dan Montello <>; Joe McFadden <>; Jennifer King <>; Krzysztof Janowicz <>)

Stage III in the “on-boarding” process of migrating Geography to the UCSB Connect service, is the determination of the migration of the “functional” email accounts. These are accounts which collect emails based on a certain task, and either managed by a person separate from their individual email address, or have some semi-automated role (e.g., a Sustainability survey; the department’s IT ticket request account; etc.).

These functional email accounts will be migrated with the department’s code as a prefix, followed by a dash symbol ( “geog-“) as the account name. These geog-<functional_name> account names will be required as the authentication to access that functional account’s email in Connect. The existing account addresses ( <functional_name>> )will be converted to aliases that point to this functional stored-email account. Outgoing emails from this account can be set up to send out response emails with the existing address (i.e., <functional_name> , or optionally with the new geog-<functional_name> address. 

If you are someone designated as the manager of one or more of these accounts, please respond back with any changes you may have made to the initial password that was given to you, if applicable. If the IT staff manages this for you, or you have made no changes to the initial password, do still reply back indicating whether or not the account is still worth maintaining, OR if it can simply be converted to a forwarding alias to your individual email account/alias instead of continuing to be a stored-email account on its own:

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