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[UCSBGEOG-CONNECT] Do you have email accounts in any of these UCSB departments?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Since just one email storage *account* is allowed in Connect per person  -- by tying in one account with one UCSBNetID and password -- please let me know if you have email storage accounts (NOT aliases) in any of the following departments on campus planning a migration to Connect, in addition to your Geography account:

I-Mail Customers

Academic Senate


Budget and Planning

Capps Center

Chicano Studies Institute

College of Creative Studies

Extended Learning Services

Institutional Advancement


Office of Academic Personnel

Office of Education Partnerships

Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment

Office of Executive Vice Chancellor

Office of the Ombuds

OIST Administration

OIST Computing Infrastructure (IS&C)

Orfalea Center

Summer Sessions




IC Mail Customers

Bren School of Environmental Science & Management

Center for Black Studies

Department of Economics

Department of Geography

Earth Research Institute

Education Abroad Program

Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research

 Office of Academic Programs

Office of the Chancellor

Office of Research

Office of Technology and Industry Alliances

Marine Science Institute

Materials Research Laboratory


If you have not contacted me about your *additional* UCSB email accounts from departments listed above, please do so ASAP, as you and I will have to discuss which *account* email storage you want migrated into your new Connect inbox, and if/how you’d like to download your Geography mail archives.

Example: Yali Chen has both a Geography email storage account (on the present IC email service) from when she worked with the GeoTransportation Group, and a current Budget & Planning account hosted by I-Mail where she is now employed. She can’t have two separate accounts in Connect, so Yali downloaded her Geography mail to her local computer’s email software client, requested her Geog account to be deleted, and plans to have her Budget & Planning emails migrated to Connect. So that she still receives future Geog email announcements, she requested that a Geog email address alias be created that forwards to her Budget & Planning Connect inbox. If she needs access to her past Geography email messages, she can search them on her local computer.

If you have an email account NOT listed above, they are either NOT planning to migrate to Connect at this time, OR are only participating in the calendaring migration to Connect (from Oracle CorporateTime) in mid-December.

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