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[UCSBGEOG-CONNECT] One fix for Outlook clients receiving bounce-back errors to emails sent to Geography Dept. email addresses
Last Updated 5 years ago

Lately, several folks have reported that sending emails to department addresses (i.e., ) have bounced back to the sender with delivery errors (UCSB Connect is in contact with Microsoft regarding these issues, and hopes to resolve them soon). 

One possible fix that the UCSB Connect Team recommends is to refresh/download the latest UCSB Offline Address Book (OAB). For Outlook 2010/2013 here are the instructions:

    Select the File tab.
    Click the Account Settings button.
    Select Download Address Book.
    Click OK.
    Close, and restart Outlook

Note that this fix only applies to installed Outlook software clients, since Thunderbird doesn't access the UCSB OAB.

For Thunderbird and AppleMail users, if bounce-backs occur, try sending the email again in the Outlook Web App (OWA) web-based client ( ). If the bounce-back persists, please send the email message header of the original sent email (in your sent folder) to the Geography IT Support queue ( ), and we will pass this on to the UCSB Connect Team for further troubleshooting.

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