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Where can I download site-licensed software for my University-owned computer?
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For your university owned equipment computer you can download software through our Linux server, called

Using your Geography Department LDAP account credentials, you can use an sFTP-enabled file transfer program, like FileZilla, WinSCP, etc. to connect to the meridian server and download any site-licensed software (instructions for getting and installing an sFTP client: ) .
Once logged in to meridian, the software repository can be found in the /sw directory. To get to that directory, simply type in /sw in the navigation bar of the server-side of the window (not of your local computer, which is on the left-hand side of, say, FileZilla’s interface), and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Software titles available:
Harris Geospatial ENVI & IDL
Esri ArcGIS
RapidLasso GmbH LAStools
The MathWorks MATLAB

Note that program installations require a) administrative-level permissions, and b) a license key or path to a license server over the Geography network. For more information regarding these software packages, and their licensing, email These programs are NOT intended for use on your personally-owned computers.

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