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Is the Cyber Security Awareness Course email spam / Do I have to do it?
Last Updated 4 years ago

The Cyber Security Awareness course is real. All the training is required for all individuals who are employees of the University of California. There is no distinction made based on type of employment or activities completed as part of the employment.

The directive for this training is coming from the University Office of the President and is related to past security issues within the UC system. Based upon those issues, partners of the UC system have expressed extreme concern and have threatened to cease doing business with the UC system unless tangible, measurable steps are taken across all UC
campuses to educate all employees. While I'm not aware of specific actions that would be taken with regard to individuals who do not complete the training, the Office of the President is actively monitoring completions at each campus. Lack of completion may impact the UC's relationship with one or more partners in the future.

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