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  1. Changing Group permissions on Linux
  2. Error 213:19 | Problem has occurred with the licensing of this product | Acrobat X and XI
  3. How Can I Get My Computer on the Wired Network in My Ellison or Phelps Hall Office?
  4. How do I configure my email client to access my Geography Department e-mail on Connect's Google Platform?
  5. How do I connect to another computer using Remote Desktop ?
  6. How do I find my MAC address?
  7. How do I get a copy of ArcGIS for Desktop for my personal computer? How can I use ArcGIS Online through UCSB?
  8. How do I get access to the labs?
  9. How do I install a Geography Department Printer?
  10. How do I license/active ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) that is on the UCSB network?
  11. How do I obtain a Security Access Card?
  12. How do I reset or change my LDAP password?
  13. How is LDAP used?
  14. How to I enable duplexing (double-sided printing) on Geography Department printers?
  15. I was wondering if our department has access to EndNote desktop(Mac)?
  16. List of Printers for Geography Faculty, Graduate Students, and Researchers
  17. My phone does not have a dial tone
  18. Notepad++ on a mac?
  19. Using XMing and PuTTY to "remote desktop" into a Linux Server
  20. What computing labs are available within the Geography Department?
  21. What is a MAC address?
  22. What is LDAP?
  23. What software does the UCSB Geography Department have licenses for?
  24. [UCSBGEOG-CONNECT] Configure Thunderbird to send mail in the background
  25. [UCSBGEOG-CONNECT] Do you have email accounts in any of these UCSB departments?
  26. [UCSBGEOG-CONNECT] Email software client configuration settings
  27. [UCSBGEOG-CONNECT] Geog "functional" (i.e., non-people) accounts migration to Connect

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